Sukhi Wahiwala: How to Supercharge your Business Goals in 7 Steps

We’d like to thank award winning business coach and mentor Sukhi Wahiwala for coming down to the London 4 Hour Work Week Meetup and speaking to us on how to supercharge your business goals and objectives in 7 steps.

Schooled in business by his father, Sukhi took over a family business when he was in his teens, was a millionaire by 21 and a multi-millionaire by 25.

He’s founded and helped grow over 20 successful businesses in his young career and developed clear step by step plans to reshape the bottom line & stability of many other companies.

Here he gives business advice to the London 4 Hour Work Week Meetup on how to Create change in your Life and Supercharge your Goals in 7 Steps to achieve the lifestyle you want.

Supercharge your Goals in 7 Steps:

1. Start It

2. Set S.M.A.R.T. e.r. Goals

3. Discipline

4. Mastermind

5. Mentoring

6. Share Learnings

7. Reward Yourself

To find out more about the excellent Sukhi, visit:

If you’re visiting London, why not pop into the London 4 Hour Work Week Meetup

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