Have you ever wanted to do something really Mad, How about Driving a London Taxi around the World?

Longet ever taxi journey

We’ve all had crazy ideas in the Pub, but not many as Mad as Paul Archer and his mates who decided to Break the World Record for the ‘Longest ever Taxi Journey’ and set off to Sydney in a Black Continue reading

How to outsource effectively to increase profit by Chris Ducker

Virtual business Chris Ducker

Chris Ducker suffered from what he describes as Super Hero Syndrome and in order to save both his business and his marriage he had to make BIG changes. Through effective outsourcing he has been able to massively increase profit and Continue reading

Daniel Priestley talking about the ‘Entrepreneur Revolution’ & becoming a ‘Key Person of Influence’

Daniel Priestley Key person of influence & entrepreneur revolution

Daniel Priestley is passionate about helping others build ‘Global Small businesses’. He is the author of two hugely successful books, ‘Become a Key Person of Influence’ and ‘Entrepreneur Revolution’ which recently reached #1 for all Business categories on Amazon. In Continue reading