Busted-The Myth of the Super Virtual Assistant with Chris Ducker

Chris Ducker smashes the myth of the Super Virtual Assistant.  Virtual Assistants are not Super Woman or Super Man.  They can’t do everything for you, however you can train your General Virtual Assistant up to manage your other virtual staff and take on the Project Management role, giving you time to concentrate on the important job of growing your business.   


One of the biggest myths is that one Virtual Assistant can do all the stuff for you.  I call this the myth of the Super VA.  That myth has been busted.

The first type of virtual assistant is your GVA General Virtual Assistant.

I believe that every entrepreneur on the planet should have a General Virtual Assistant, regardless of how big or small your business is, they can help you.

They can do tasks such as manage social media for you, draft blog posts, they an do transcriptions for you, handle website enquiries, a bit of customer service.

Some Virtual Assistants can do a lot more than that, some are a lot more niched.  Some just focus on social media or only on admin, but the General Virtual Assistant is someone you should be looking to incorporate into your business as early as possible, but only when it’s the right thing to do because this is the start of building the entire team.

One role after another until you have one cohesive unit, incidentally, let me just point out that some of the team are not people you hire on a regular basis or are full time / part time, some of the team are people you hire when and where you need them.

I really podcast and video blog regular but I still don’t hire audio and video guys full time.  They get paid per video or per podcast, but they all work together in unison.

Thats the anatomy of the Virtual Team.  They interact with each other, and when you get to the point where you get 3 or 4 people working with their General Virtual Assistant who has been working with you for a while, that General Virtual Assistant becomes the go-to source for that Manager role, because whats going to happen is, you start managing one person, then you bring another guy, then someone else etc, now what your doing is your no longer running your business, your managing people so developing your General Virtual Assistant into a Project Manager means you have time to work again with just this person and this person managers the rest of the team for you and you can get back to running your business again and not your business slowly but surely running you.

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